Max Kessler


Currently, I'm thinking about the future of work as a part of the Google Workspace design team. We're digging into areas like a better document reading experiences, team collaboration tools and presentation and website styling.

I'm Max Kessler, a Senior Interaction Designer and Lead in New York working as a part of the Google Workspace design team. Over the last 4 and half years, I've focused on improving Docs, Slides, Sites and Keep.

We're a collaborative team of product managers, engineers, researchers and designers experimenting and building solutions that make productivity simple. We're driving and delivering multi-platform solutions through experimentation and cross-functional thinking.

I am currently leading large-scale design efforts across Slides and Sites. Basically, the better our work is, the better your work is.


Sr. Interaction Designer, Google Workspace


Interaction Designer, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sites

Intern, YouTube Music, Artist Profile Pages, Analytics

Intern, frog, Optus

Intern, Smart Design, Gatorade, Mira Fitness Wearable


Recent work

01 / Improve Workspace on Mobile

How might we make productivity platform agnostic?

With the support of several engineering groups, we set out to improve Workspace on mobile by introducing ML-backed writing suggestions in Docs, a cross-app (Docs, Sheets & Slides) redesign of commenting, and a powerful Gmail and Editor integration allowing people to respond to comments directly from within Gmail.

As the UX lead for this collection of efforts, I was tasked with guiding design principles and delivering a feasible but ambitious vision.

02 / Supercharge Workspace with ML

How might we remove the mundane and tedious from work?

The AI-powered capabilities, like Smart Compose and Autocorrect within Docs make it faster and easier for people to create high-quality, error-free content.

This required understanding the complicated nuances and balancing of core writing and the robot-tongues of AI. With a consistent visual language across Workspace products, and a well balanced triggering model, Smart Compose has already saved people from typing more than 2 billion characters each week.

03 / Better Reading and Navigation in Docs

How might we provide more information in a link so people know where they are going before they get there?

Clicking, viewing and navigating links is a core experience for web browsing. Actually, there are quite a few people that never make an edit in a document, and are just reading and navigating between links. We set out to improve the link viewing and navigation experience with a link agnostic user experience.

The experience begins with a preview of the link destination and continues with a Docs, and Slides preview inside the same window of the initial document.