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Undergraduate Thesis  |  Your Choice, Your Chair 


During my final year at Syracuse, I explored the mentality of choice.  My research was driven by why we make decisions, and how it influences the feeling of ownership.  

Design Opportunity

My insights were derived from research and testing on users.  The research showed that a consumer would be more receptive and satisfied if the end product was a result of their choices.  Some studies argued that the power of choice was almost more impacting than that of the results themselves.  I tested this research and created my own results and hypotheses. 

Ideation and Context

My research uncovered interesting truths about the human decision process.   Learning about the importance of simplicity in the process of deciding took a large role in implementing a design concept.  

Using the “cootie-catcher” as a platform was a starting concept, which when matured to a more presentable design. 

I translated my ideation phases into a full scale concept. Forming a full furniture piece from a series of simple choices offered a more satisfying experience because of the choice process prior to constructing the chair. 


The concept was executed through the vehicle of furniture. This concept illustrated the importance of choice and the predetermined notions of a consumer and user before the usage of a product. Offering a choice, or custom platform for the user could alter the entire product experience.