Scope: 14 Weeks

Role: Individual Project, led all strategy, design, and execution efforts

As a final project for our Strategic Innovation in Product and Services Design, I chose to explore the area of teenagers and technology, and the relationship impacts based on their dependency.  As a solution I created a product concept called face2face, a Snapchat plugin which would offer discounts at local area venues based on going through the app to engage in person with your Snapchat network.  

Through my ethnographic research, I found that teenagers were prone to using their devices and had extreme difficulty separating from their profiles, and general technology usages. I also found that teenagers do not need another figure to patrol and manage their usage.



A key insight for me in this process was giving the teenager the power to make their own decisions, and develop their own self-benefiting plans.  Due to the overwhelming amount of digital personas and unblemished profiles, teenagers ability to interact in person is slowly diminishing and being tarnished


We explored Doblin's Ten Types of Innovation as an exercise of framing our solution and being able to present a logical strategic proposal.  

Within my final presentation, I explained the areas of innovation that face2face fell within.  Our most innovative trait would be the ease of use and the ability to engage with this new platform through a visual language and brand the teenagers are already accustomed to.

Face2face is a usage control plugin.  I would argue that you should want to see your friends, and build relationships in person. Our secondary goal here is to dissolve those “digital” personalities that develop through the over use of these networks.  face2face will offer a 'Usage' screen for the user to be able to see just how often the are using their apps.  Based on this, they will be able to make a decision to meet up with friends via the face2face feature.